Therapy is...

The process of therapy is akin to mining... One knows, (or is certainly hopeful) that by digging, drilling, sifting, one will find treasure.

What wonderful imagery. An adventure, a fun outing for a day, maybe a couple of weeks, or if one chooses, longer.

There is, however, one major difference.

It shows itself from the onset.


Those stars in one's eyes as one embarks into the world of self-reflection are rarely from excitement.

They reflect pain, tears, disillusionment, a heavy heart.


As one digs the mess that is uncovered is more internal than external.

There is ache and exhaustion in both endeavors. During the therapeutic process, however, the ache continues.

This is most common at the beginning of this exploration.

A shower and a good meal followed by a restful sleep is rarely the remedy for the therapeutic ache.

From that introduction, it is a hard sell. Most people would choose another activity.

Most though, are forced by circumstances to consider, then explore, and may eventually commit to this process.

Umm. Still a tough sell?


What is the payoff again?

  • Understanding - of oneself, of others, some of whom are close.
  • Relief - sometimes fleeting, but steady.
  • Hopefulness - a precious gem.
  • Resolution - guaranteed, though rarely as it is first imagined, hoped.
  • The thrill of discovery - consistently experienced.
  • Muscle - each time one returns to the office, one is strengthened.
  • Improved sense of self - everyone knows people who should/could use this service. You are one that is partaking.
  • Opportunity - no doubt, though note quote below.
    • Quoting Bruce Springsteen-- " The door is open, but the ride ain't free".


Money - One is investing into an idea, a theory, a hope.

Time - Not only the minutes to and fro a session, plus the session itself, but the time spent reviewing, reflecting.

Exposure - Both strengths and vulnerabilities, though they may be known, are difficult initially to embrace.

Doubt - throughout.

Documentation - previous harm inflicted to and by participants; no video is needed; the memories are there.

Setbacks - guaranteed.

Outcome - My clients do not fail.