Parent and Child Consultation

You are a parent.

You have questions regarding the well being of your child. You want professional and expert advice.

Often these questions arise because information communicated to you about your child creates concern.

Perhaps your child’s teachers, family members, siblings, or your spouse notice a troubling shift in your child’s behavior.

Just as frequently, you may personally notice behavior that you cannot ignore.


This can disrupt the whole family.

You wonder, worry, and feel compelled to act. You want to find the best person for the tasks and troubles facing you.


Communication with the child is crucial.

Important as well is the communication with their parents and other family members.

A rapport is created with a child that allows them to express their feelings and describe situations that often remain elusive to others.

This interaction allows the formation of diagnostic impressions.

Thus, a process begins that will be driven by finding answers to key questions.


You as the parent actively participate in the process.

This makes the child's situation understandable, even if the answers become complex.

Further recommendations, important discussions, and coordinated plans will be developed.


You will always have choices and options regarding how much and what kind of help you seek for your child.

You may wish an initial consultation, an in-depth evaluation, expert advice, counseling or perhaps ongoing therapy.

You want precise details of what is wrong and what is right.

You also need to know what is required of all parties to effectively address any issues.

This serves as the treatment plan.


These processes are related, interactive, and provide plans, goals, and objectives for each individual.

The ability to quickly establish and successfully sustain a strong rapport with each client is also key throughout this process.

This is what is offered. It will allow you, your child, and your family to successfully address your concerns.