Couples Counseling

If I were to put a star beside one of the areas in which I specialize, the area of counseling couples would get the largest.


This is an arena that involves the most intrigue.

It touches so many issues which expand exponentially, because there are two people's history entering the room.

The past, present and future enter the room simultaneously.


My strength is that I am able to see how the issues mesh, as well as how they clash.

It is easy for me to describe these moments as interesting, exciting, as I accept the challenge that the couple is facing.

I am eager to help. I can visualize the path to solutions that the couple cannot yet see.


I am not advertising this process as easy.

The clarity that emerges from the initial session, though, quickly changes the tone of the conflict.

Sometimes couples seeking counseling are hoping that the act of making the appointment is the largest step towards resolution.

They are right about it being a crucial step, but are often dismayed by the effort needed to implement change.


The path will be identified; some illumination is in place.

Now the details of the work to be done are explained.

The prospect of creating a healthier relationship, the thrill of discovery and learning, of hopefulness replacing hopelessness, is the draw.