Anxiety is often trivialized.


Feeling anxious is an everyday occurrence.

It is normal, healthy.

One should feel some anxiety while crossing a busy street, or driving at night in the rain.

Anxiety is a warning of danger.

The body/mind is doing its job.


There are many people though, who experience anxiety to an exaggerated and painful degree.

Some may experience a panic attack. Their breath is robbed; it can mimic the symptoms of a heart attack.

Only after a trip to the Emergency Room are they reassured they are safe.


For most, the discomfort of anxiety is not acute enough to send them into a state of alarm.

Because its presence is chronic, people get used to feeling this way.


It may though, invade at daybreak and sour the start of the day.

Enthusiasm is dampened; moods are altered.


Often though, the familiarity of that dread causes the condition to go untreated or under treated.

One sort of gets used to it.

The subtlety of this theft makes it more dangerous, more insidious.

It pries open a door that contains hopelessness.

It is a quiet, serious condition.