ADHD steals.

ADHD steals time.

ADHD steals from relationships.

ADHD steals in a chronic way, one's sense of self.

ADHD forces people to live defensively.

ADHD interferes with status.

ADHD allows onlookers to pass judgment.

Blame will be assigned, which delays treatment.

ADHD impacts a situation so drastically, that those with ADHD invite criticism and scorn.

Because ADHD, as do other processing disorders, show its symptoms primarily behaviorally.

The person is often left only with the option of joining the chorus of boos.

Self-admonishment is rampant.

What can one do?

ADHD does not go away. People learn methods to reduce the impact.

  • Arm oneself with self-knowledge.
  • ThoseĀ connected with people with this disorder, need to do so as well.
  • Budget for it in terms of time.
  • Plan activities that factor this in.
  • Find ways, words, and examples to explain to others.
  • This guide will allow people to, at a minimum, be more understanding, considerate.
  • Communicate information to others who are interested in helping, so their help will be effective.