Lewis Lerman, MSW, LCSW


  • Masters Degree of Social Work conferred in June 1978, by City College of New York, Hunter College, Graduate School of Social Work.
  • Currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Commonwealth of Virginia.


"Everything happens for a reason."

It is often said. I concur.

If this line is the end of the discussion, my office is not for you.

If though, it is the beginning of the discussion, then welcome.

Now, let us search for those reasons.


The essentials of psychology and human interactions are among the tools I use.

I employ these tools to help you understand the situation you are facing and the path to a solution.

As I understand your story, we will apply elements of these essentials and tailor your session.

The agenda is yours.

The specific goals will come from you and your situation.


The discussion is individualized. It is my responsibility to make the discussion productive.

Age, gender, and learning styles do not represent barriers to our task.


My strengths combine insight, empathy, and directness with the ability to communicate what I see.

As stories are related there is ample room for humor, for expansion and exaggeration.

Truths will emerge regardless. It is that certainty, that makes this process safe.


Below will be a list of subjects that make up some of the general curriculum that I have worked with and honed for 30 years.


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